Frequently Asked Questions

How to I activate a plug-in?

You can activate your plug-in using a license key that can be found on your account page. Open the UI of the plug-in, if it is not validated, you will see a screen with a timeout. Click on it and paste e-mail address and license key.

If you bought your plug-in via a marketplace such as KVR, enter the token you received on the license retrieval form.

Do I need Internet to activate a plug-in?


How do I report a bug?

You can contact me by mail at blz [at]

Why don't you support VST2?

VST2 licenses for distribution are not available since 2018. Note that VST3 has been around for 10 years and most platforms now support it. If you are using Reason like a lot of my friends, I feel sad.

Does this website uses cookies?

If you are a visitor, no. If you are a member of the website, cookies are strictly limited to the authentication process, to provide access to your cart and licenses.

What is the font used in plug-ins?

It is the Strait Font by Eduardo Tunni, released under the SIL Open Font License

Do you have a GDPR policy?