GDPR Policy

Point of contact

For all requests, you can contact us by mail at:

blz [at]

Or by mail:

BLZ Audio, Sébastien Rannou
2 Roscato
56160 Ploërdut, France.

What data is collected?

If you are a member of the website, the following data is collected during the subscription process: e-mail address, password.

If you buy a plug-in, the paiement process is delegated to Stripe, which has its own terms.

If you are not a member of BLZ Audio, no data is collected or processed.

How is my data processed?

Your e-mail address is used by BLZ Audio as an identifier to generate invoices, in the log-in process to authenticate you, and in the recover account process if you forget your password.

Your password is stored by BLZ Audio as a cryptographic hash using bcrypt (it is not possible to extract it from our database) and used for the log-in process to authenticate you.

Your e-mail address is used by BLZ Audio to generate product licenses using a cryptographic hash (SHA-256): it is not possible to extract the e-mail address from the license.

The processing of your data is kept to a strict minimum and only for legitimate interests of BLZ Audio (authentication, paiement, licensing).

How long is my data kept?

Your data is kept in BLZ Audio's database as long as you keep your account open. It may be additionally kept in backups for a period of up to 3 months.

For administrative purposes, invoices, which contain your e-mail address, are indefinitely kept.

Data subject rights

You have the following rights regarding your data:

  • Right to be informed,
  • Right of access,
  • Right of rectification,
  • Right to be forgotten,
  • Right of portability,
  • Right to restrict processing,
  • Right of object,
  • Right related to automated decision making.

You are welcome to contact us at blz [at] for specific requests.